Puppy Hat

After seeing our friend in his octopus hat (see last post), another of our friends asked if I could make her a puppy hat and gave me some drawings and the colors she wanted.  I immediately got to work, though this one took a bit longer than the octopus hat, not because of the amount of work, but there were some details that didn’t work the way I thought they would in my head, so I spent a few days working out those details.  But I finally got her hat done.  It’s a tired, very sleepy puppy. See how his paws droop down? And his eyes, oh soooo sleeepy!

puppy 2 puppy 3

The front paws are really long as she wanted to be able to stand with her hands at her sides, but held nice and warm in some pockets in the paws. The pockets have three fingers so that she can move the paw like you would a mitten.  And also to make children laugh when they see how cute they are.


She was so happy when she finally got her puppy hat.  Luckily the cold weather stuck around for a bit so that she could wear her hat a couple of times this season before having to put it away.  I’m told that she spent the day insisting that others try on the hat to see how cool it was.  Even the boss tried it out.


(as I haven’t asked his permission to use his image, I have blacked out his face for his privacy).

Another fun hat to add to my collection :).

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